Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jessica Watson's Homecoming, Sydney 15/05/10

In anticipation of the successful completion of Jessica Watson's epic solo non-stop round-the-world voyage, several 'Jessaholics' converged on Sydney to share in the celebrations and welcome the intrepid 16 year old home.

We came from all corners of Australia, and were delighted to welcome Janell from Oklahoma, USA and her granddaughter Meredith in joining us. Unexpectedly, our group attracted quite a bit of attention from newspapers and television media and several of us did numerous interviews.

In a gesture of appreciation of our support of Jesse, her management provided us with sole access to dock at the Man O War steps, plus VIP passes to the official Welcome Home event.

We sailed on Sydney Harbour to the Opera House on board 'Polaris od Belmont', owned and skippered by Chris Dawe. The vessel has completed 19 Sydney to Hobart races.

Jessica's homecoming was logistically a huge event, with tens of thousands of people gathered to congratulate her on her monumental achievement. It was televised live on 'big' screen throughout  the superb venue.

After taking in all the emotion of this magnificent day, we Jessaholics enjoyed a fun 'Jessaparty'...most of us stayed in Sydney for several days getting to know each other in celebration of  Jessica's achievement.

All aboard! Polaris of Belmont

The banner, so kindly made and donated by Artelina, Brisbane 

An iconic Manly Ferry

The Sydney Opera House in it's glory

Approaching the Man o War steps

The media wanted to know who all the 'pink people' were!

Some of the gang!

This pic gives some perspective on just how many people came out to see Jesse sail home


Tony has earned this special moment...presenting his 'baby EPL' to Jesse

Breathtakingly superb model

The Family Watson being razzed by our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd

Time for a relaxing afterparty!

In keeping with Jesse's favourite, chokkie cupcakes with teeny EPLs on top

The caravan park has so much Aussie Meredith feeds a kookaburra on our verandah.

Janell feeding the cheeky possom some Lane Cove pizza!

Meredith was fascinated by our Rainbow Lorrikeets


  1. Collette,

    Great pictures. All of us who couldn't be in Sydney have scoured the internet for any photos and videos of the big celebration. But the photos that the Jessaholics are sharing with us give us a much more personal feel for what it must have been like to be there. Thanks much, Collette.


  2. Agree with Mark...Great Pictures Collette, thank you my dear!


  3. These photos just bring it all back again, and what a time we had at Sydney. Lane Cove, Polaris, Jessica's arrival, SOH, Jessaparty, Rainbow Lorrikeets, new friends from the USA,you have covered it well Collette.
    Thank you for posting these great photos.
    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  4. Magic stuff.
    Fantazmigorrigal ☺☺☺

  5. Collette - I just now thought to check your blog.....I had taken you at your word --'first and last comment'!! :) Behold! You have updated and it is just great! So good to see new pix and comments.

    Wasn't Jessica's arrival absolutely fantastic with that enormous crowd waiting to welcome her home!!?? And of course, being with the Jessaholics was simply fab!

    Toodle-pip ya'll!