Friday, May 28, 2010

Jessica Watson : Meet n Greet, Melbourne 27/5/10

                    Tony, with Clint filming in background                          Sally by the Bay in background                         Faye and Max looking chuffed!!                        The signing of  The Galleries!!                  Andrew Frazer, right
       MWAH!! for Max!!

Today the whirlwind Jessica Watson Roadshow arrived in Melbourne, after originating in Brisbane yesterday.

A team of our loyal and dedicated Jessaholics arrived early in order to gain a good 'pozzie', which was rewarded with front row views, and personal acknowledgements by Jesse herself.

Our team also enjoyed a chat, autographs, handshakes....and for the VERY FORTUNATE......HUGS!!!

Added to this excitement was the arrival of Jesse Martin, who joined in the chit-chat and was happy to be photographed with our pals.

      Former Jungle boy-cum solo sailor, Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin with our Ailsa
Along with many fellow Jessaholics, I'm secretly green with envy because I elected to stay at work...ssshhhh!!


  1. Good on you Collette
    Such good photos that bring back such good memories, and who were those lucky ducks that got a hug !!!!
    This is a day that we will remember for a long time to come. We sincerely thank Andrew Fraser for the opportunity to meet Jessica, Jesse was just everything that we had expected her to be. Our next big surprise was to meet Jesse Martin, and to be in the same place as these two Super Stars was really something.

    Thank you Collette for posting these photos.

    Cheers from Faye and Max.

  2. Hi Collette and Peter,
    Well can you tell how excited we were????
    I think the look on Faye and Max's faces says it all! \(`v`)/
    I don't think Max's feet touched the ground for quite a while after the
    {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}.Awww and a kiss for Faye too.I was so impressed with the sincerity and generosity expressed by Jesse.What a really lovely girl.Jesse Martin was the icing on the cake!!

    Thank you also to Peter for bringing the photos from Sydney.WOW...Great occasion,great location,great people and the weather looked bright and sunny too.
    Lovely memories are being forged here.
    Well done Collette also on the food and Polaris banner...they both looked AMAZING.
    The journey the book.

  3. Aww, shucks, thanks guys for saying nice things about me!!! I love your comments, and yes Sally...Sydney was an incredible experience.

    Can anyone tell me how to re-set the time on this here thang???

    It's running some 17 hours behind real-time. The time on my computer screen is correct though.

    It just looks a little sus that we are wide awake and posting comments in the wee small hours...I am an insomniac, but not THIS bad!!

    Toodle-pip all,

  4. Hi Collette ...

    GREAT pics! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us lesser mortals who never made it to Sydney! LOL

    These are really terrific shots! The excitement and happiness on Faye's face is contagious! Just fabulous! Sez it all! :)

    Cheers .... Soldier's Mum :)

  5. Oh guys, I so wish I was there to be part of the Jessaholics again. Never mind, my turn might come. You all look like you had a great time. Faye & Max just look so chuffed, a bit like meeting royalty. Well she is to us anyway.

    With love, Jacquie

  6. Hi Collette,

    This is the next best thing to actually being there ! Thanks for posting and just like you, a case of "so near but yet so far". Sadly, I had to work as well. Although I run my own business, my customers are very important to me and I was quite busy the day Jess visited Melbourne.


  7. Excellent pics.
    Thanks again.
    Toodle Pip.☺☺☺